HOCl Disinfectant of Surgical Implants

Disinfectant of Surgical Implants

HOCl antiseptic may be effective for cleaning biofilm-contaminated implant surfaces based on PubMed Abstract PMC4964533. HOCL Disinfectant of Surgical Implants.

Hypochlorous Acid is often used in the prevention of surgical site infections for procedures that install hardware or implants such as:

  • Knee Replacement Hardware
  • Hip Replacement Hardware
  • Breast Implants / Breast Implant Replacement
  • Clavicle Plate and Screws
  • Broken Fibula Plates and Screws
  • Proximal humerus fracture hardware
  • Distal Fracture hardware
  • Proximal Radius hardware

Recent study on the use of Hypochlorous Acid on Surgical Implants by the International Journal of Molecular Science